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Machines & Training

Sleek Fashion Institute was founded in 1979 as both an institute to train future fashion specialists and also as an NGO. Designed to collaborate with Sleek Garments Export Limited to give skills in:

  •  Fashion Design
  •  Production methods for Exclusive wear
  •  Mass production methods for clothing

The institute offers a unique range of courses that opens doors into the vast and vibrant fashion and apparel manufacturing world. The courses offered are structured to appeal to various groups of students interested in specific aspects of fashion whether it is in designing, sewing, pattern making or quality assurance or maintenance and servicing of sewing equipment etc.

Since its inception, Sleek Fashion Institute has established a design school and a workshop from which uniforms and custom designs were made for customers from all walks of life.

Sleek Fashion Limited was, in August 2000, selected alongside other similar companies, to be provided with technical and marketing assistance to enable them to play lead production roles in the Presidential Special Initiative (PSI) garment export drive, targeting the US and European countries.


Sleek Fashion Institute (SFI) aims at training and preparing students for a path in professional fashion design and modern methods for apparel manufacturing.

At the end of each Training Programme a student should be technically equipped to set up his/her own business in the fashion and apparel industry or should be highly qualified to be employed by fashion houses and garment factories.

Needy persons interested in any courses offered by SFI would be sponsored through sourcing of financial Aid; to open the doors for them to reach their potential and become resourceful citizens of Ghana


  • The Institute aims to impact the finite skill of various fashion techniques into the student over a structured time period
  • The Institute aims to train and turn out young people qualified to enter into a trade or profession ie fashion designers, fashion house owners, boutique owners; apparel production managers, quality assurance managers, production line supervisors, or factory machine operators using modern sewing techniques
  • SFI is open to students from diverse backgrounds and walks of life and aims to afford them an opportunity to map out their career path
  • The diverse courses offered appeals to various student groups with specific interests in the fashion and apparel world

  • a. Advanced training course for supervisors (part i)
  • b. Training for supervisors (part ii)
  • c. Quality control and assurance:
  • d. Training for cutting department
  • e. Training for machine operators

    Trainers are Ghanaians and Expatrites with 10 to 20 years plus experience in designing and the manufacturing of garments/apparel including quality control.



    The Sleek Fashion Institute (SFI) would play a key role in the revamping of the Ghana garment and fashion industry with trained personnel and entrepreneurs. They would have received the requisite knowledge from SFI to help Ghana be globally competitive; it would also play a key role in employment generation in the Ghanaian Economy. There is no doubt that after a student has completed the 2 year beginnerís programme, he/she would possess the required skills to start a business or be gainfully employed in the fashion/garment industry.

    Specialised Machine List

  •  Fusing machine
  •  Pneumatic topper press machines
  •  Fabric inspection machine
  •  Electric snap fixing machines
  •  East man cutting machines
  •  End Cutters
  •  Flexible Cutting tables
  •  Kansai machines
  •  Juki typical bar tacks
  •  Reece button hole
  •  Kansa machine b2000sc
  •  Pocket creasing machines
  •  Mini electric steam boilers
  •  Large steam boilers
  •  Steam heated Irons
  •  Juki button hole
  •  Double Needle Chain Stitchers
  •  Single Needle Lock Stitchers
  •  Double Needle Lock Stitchers
  •  Single Needle Lock Stitch w/trimmers
  •  Bar Tack Machines
  •  Button Sew Machines
  •  Button Attach Machines
  •  Zig Zag machines
  •  Thread safety Stitch Machines
  •  Blind Stitch Machines
  •  Feed of the arm chain stitch machine with 3 needle-10 Sets